21 Oct, 2020
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skerlak1Division for Physical Chemistry was established with the arrival of prof. Tibor Skerlak in Sarajevo in the spring of 1954, when he was elected as associate professor in Physical Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. The following year Tibor Ribar was elected as teaching assistant. The first Head of the Division was prof. Tibor Škerlak. The members of this Division performed very important role in Faculty and the University. The Division published a number of scientific papers and established cooperation related to scientific and technical issues of major economic organizations and their institutes ("Energoinvest", "UNIS", "Zrak"), whose staff was led by the members of the Division through a maze of science and practice.

Members of the Division have repeatedly stayed at scientific institutions in developed countries (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland), but also in developing countries (Zambia), where they passed their rich scientific and pedagogical skills to young people in these countries .

The first post-graduate studies from fields of Kinetics and Catalysis was organized at the Faculty of Sciences in Sarajevo, which made it possible, then, for the young teaching  assistants of the Department of Chemistry to develop and progress to academic and scientific titles. Later postgraduate studies from fields of corrosion and electrochemistry was also organized.

During the recent war rooms of the Division were completely devastated. In particular this applies to the students laboratory that was completely destroyed and burned. Also, teaching and non-teaching staff was reduced. Among the biggest loss was the death of the founder of the Division, prof. Tibor Škerlak, who was killed in the beginning of the war by snipers from Grbavica. But even in such difficult conditions, work with students was not interrupted. At the Division hundreds of undergraduate and master's thesis were done, and also doctoral thesis and research projects.

Over the years through the Division has passed a large number of teaching staff and non-teaching staff. In addition to the above mentioned professors great contribution to the development of the Division and the Faculty was given by Borivoj Galic, Merzuk Cacan, Vjeročka Shishlov, then, Branko Skundric, Jelena Penavin-Skundric, Branka Ninkov, as well as former colleagues, Predrag Ilic, Mladen Milos, Dusko Šutić, Željka Karlovic, Tomislav Lukic, Vuk Šiljegović, Nada Gotovac and many others who have achieved remarkable academic careers. Besides them, there was a larger number of non-teaching staff without whose help the Division would not succeed.

Today, the Division employs two associate professors (Sabina Gojak-Salimović and Fehim Korać), three senior assistants, Safija Herenda, Sanjin Gutić and Jelena Ostojić and one lab technician Alma Bešlija.


Head of the Division for Physical Chemistry: Safija Herenda

Contact phone: 033 / 279-995

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Room Number: 321 / III


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