26 Sep, 2020
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Division for analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Sarajevo was founded at the same time with other divisions that exist today within the Faculty of Science. The first Head of the Department was prof. Franjo Krleža.
In the period from 1992 to 1995, the Division has worked out within the teaching and education programs, as well as helping in the defense of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Division of analytical chemistry currently has eight employees. Head of  the division is Prof. Tidža Muhić -Šarac.
The quality and quantity, as a basic concepts of analytical chemistry, are present in all segments of human life.
As the chemistry is present in all other sciences, the analytical chemistry is present in all other branches of chemistry.
Division of analytical chemistry owns the equipment and has a staff that can respond to the demands of quality control in an environmental spheres and metal products.
Head of the Division for Analytical Chemistry: Tidža Muhić - Šarac
Contact telephone: 033/279-912
Number of Cabinet: 136/I


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