About Department

Dear students, colleagues geographers and other visitors,

      The study of geography in Bosnia and Herzegovina began with the founding of the Department of Geography at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo in 1950. With the establishment of Faculty of Science, University of Sarajevo, as separate teaching and scientific institution in 1960, Department of Geography transformed into the Department of Geography, as the most eminent institution of higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of geographic science.

     Primary mission of the Department of Geography is education of teachers and professors in primary and secondary schools and personnel for geographical applicative proffesions, such as tourism, environmental protection and regional planning. Apart from organizing the teaching process, mission of the Department is realized through scientific research, organization of scientific and professional conferences and many other activities.

      Results of teaching and educational work are 1,392 graduate geographers and about 40 masters and doctors of geographical sciences, which gained their geographic professional and scientific education at the Department of Geography.

      In the period from its foundation until 2005., at the Department of Geography educational process at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies for Education in Geographywas organized through which many generations of Geography professors and teachers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region were educated.

       Department of Geography, started from the academic year 2005/2006. with the implementation of the Bologna principles to the study programs at three very attractive and propulsive courses of the first study cycle: "Education in  Geography", "Regional and Spatial Planning" and "Tourism and Environmental Protection". Study program on each of the mentioned study courses last 4 years (8 semesters),  after which graduates get degree according to the Bologna system study curriculum of Geography. Continuity of geographical education at our Department is additionally achieved through the second and third study cycle at all three study courses, ie: master studies (period of two semesters) and doctoral studies (period of six semesters). Titles are gained in accordance with the curriculum of an adequate study cycle.

           In addition to education, in its current work Department of Geography performed continuous scientific and research activity through the implementation of a number of scientific research projects and expertise, organization / co-organization of scientific and professional conferences and other forms of scientific research. With the organization of a large number of scientific seminars Department of Geography, gave a significant contribution to the process of ongoing professional development for Geography teachers and professors of in primary and secondary schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

     It is particularly important to note that the Department of Geography gave a special contribution to the establishment and functioning of the new system of geographical education in elementary and secondary schools and universities in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina by creating curricula, textbooks and manuals for all levels of geographical education, despite lack of necessary teaching and scientific research personnel, on Department of Geography, Faculty of Sciences, University of Sarajevo, as well as in other geographical teaching and research institutions in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, teachers from the Department of Geography teach at other faculties of the University of Sarajevo and higher education and research institutions of University of Tuzla, University "Džemal Bijedić" in Mostar and the University of Bihać.

      The teaching-scientific process at the Department of Geography is implemented with seven full professors, three associate professors, eight assistant professors, seven senior teaching assistants and three teaching assistants. Department of Geography has developed a very intensive cooperation with several higher education teaching and scientific institutions abroad, including: Department of Geography University of Kingston, Paris-Sorbonne University (Paris IV),Department of Geography and Regional ScienceKarl-Franzens-University Graz, University of Kopenhagen, Department of Geography Faculty of Arts University of  Ljubljana, Department of Geography Faculty of Humanities University of Primorska, Department of Geography Faculty of Science University of Zagreb, Sub-department of Geography Faculty of Education  Masaryk University Brno, Trier University et al.

Organizational structure of the Department:

- Head of the Department

- Secretary of the Department

- Department's Council

- Council of Graduate Studies

- Sub-department of Physical Geography

- Sub-department of Human Geography

- Sub-department of Regional Geography

- Sub-department of Geology

- Sub-department of  Geography teaching methods in primary and secondary schools

- Institute for Regional and Spatial Planning

- GIS Center

- Library


More detailed data and information on plans and programs, mode of study, schedule of classes and examinations, teaching staff, scientific-teaching and scientific-research activities and other activities of the Department of Geography are available on this website.



Head of Department of Geography,
Dr.Sc. Nusret Drešković, assistant  professor