Knjige i monografije

Knjige i monografije




seac 2010Z. Hadžibegović, Astronomical heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina: late medieval tombsto­nes and astral motifs as their decoration, In SEAC 2010 Astronomy and  Power. How Worlds are structured, Michael A. Rappenglück, Barbara Rappenglück, Nicholas Campion & Fabio Silva (Eds.). BAR International Series xxxx (In Press;





seuTanja Tajmel and Zalkida Hadžibegović.

What About the Gender Gap? The Aspirations of Female High School Students to Study Physics. In: Tajmel, Tanja und Starl, Klaus (Eds.), Science Education Unlimited. Approaches to Equal Opportunities in Learning Science(pp. 111-118).

Münster/New York: Waxmann 2009.

[ISBN: 978-3-8309-1889-9]






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advances in AMO

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advances in AMO49
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