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Social events

During the lunch break on Tuesday of the Research School, the school participants will take a one hour city bus tour, see  and

On Wednesday there will be a dinner, held at the main building of School of Economics and Business, Trg Alije Izetbegovića 1.

On the Sunday between the school and the conference, an excursion will be organised, either to Mostar, see LINK a beautiful and historic city 120 km away from Sarajevo, or to Vrelo Bosne, the spring of the River Bosna, see  where the temperatures are very pleasant throughout the warm summer days and is suitable for all types of picnic and games.

Both are easily reached by bus, with a return ticket costing less than 10 EUR. We recommend a trip to Mostar if temperatures are less than 30 degrees Celsius, otherwise, an excursion to Vrelo Bosne would be more pleasant.

 A social event (dinner + refreshments) for the Workshop will be held on Wednesday of the Workshop at the Sarajevo City Hall, see


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